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Based in the Shetland Islands off the coast of northern Scotland we are ideally located to pick only the best seafood from Shetland’s cool clean northern waters. Our seafood is expertly sourced, and every product delivered to the customer can be traced right back to the original source. We have satisfied customers throughout the UK.

Seafood 60 North supplies customers who are looking for quality select seafood, reliably delivered, with a genuine care and attention to detail. Being a small company, Seafood 60 North is able to offer a personal and flexible service tailored to the needs of every customer.

So many overlook the simple requirements for producing top quality seafood, by either neglect of the essentials or by ignoring the basics and over elaborating in non critical areas. The best can only be produced by selecting only the freshest of fish, keeping it well chilled and by handling it hygienically, gently and quickly.

We can provide most of the seafood products found in Shetland’s north Atlantic waters.

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Our seafood products are high quality, delicate and seasonal.

For that reason we ask you to contact us with your requirements.

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Tel. 01950 477 596
Fax. 01950 477 642
Post Seafood 60 North, Ocraquoy, Cunningsburgh, Shetland. ZE2 9HA